You can find our beers at the following locations:

  • Drakensberg Brewery (On Tap and Bottles)
  • Champagne Valley Liquors (Bottles)
  • Drakensberg Sun (On Tap)
  • Mackaya Bella Country Lodge (Bottles)
  • Champagne Castle Hotel (On Tap and Bottles)
  • Ardmore Guest Farm (Bottles)
  • Scrumpy Jack’s (Bottles)
  • Rusty’s Pub and Grill at Four Rivers Adventures (Bottles)
  • Thokosiza Deli (Bottles)
  • Waffle Hut – Winterton Parkrun (Bottles)
  • Cathedral Peak Wine Estate (Bottles)
  • Cathedral Peak Hotel (Bottles)
  • Dalmore Guest Farm (Bottles)
  • Three Tree Hill (Bottles)
  • The Cavern Drakensberg Resort and Spa (Bottles)
  • Montusi Mountain Resort (Bottles)
  • Phat Chef Roadside Diner (Bottles)